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Herman Bollé - The Builder of the Croatian Capital

Herman Bollé - The Builder of the Croatian Capital

The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb features a representative...
The sandy beaches of Dubrovnik area

The sandy beaches of Dubrovnik area

Pebble, gravel, stone or concrete beaches. You name it...
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2014's Top 15 hotels in Croatia

2014's Top 15 hotels in Croatia

After a great tourist season with an increase increase in overnight stays of 2% (in numbers 1,5 million more) and...
The legend of the Stone Gate

The legend of the Stone Gate

In the time when there was no bridge over the trench, when it wasn't necessary to defend the city...


Eco & Adventure
Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

The beach is deserted and off in the distance you can hear the cries of sea gulls. The beautiful rocky shoreline...
Museums & Galleries

The Zagreb Mummy

One of the most valuable collections in Zagreb's Archaeological museum is the Egyptian collection and among its...
Eco & Adventure

Windsurfing in Croatia

Thanks to the excellent conditions for windsurfing, many national and international competitions are held...

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Dubrovnik General Info

From Dubrovnik to Greece?

Many people have asked us how to travel from Dubrovnik to Greece, most of them lost in various expensive...
Split by Ferry

Split to Ancona ferry

These overnight ferries from Split to Ancona (Italy) are a great option when it comes to saving money for...
Zagreb By Tram

Zagreb tram lines

Traveling by tram is Zagreb's basic way of transport. The city has 164 switches and 256 tram stations...
Croatia General Travel Info

Stay healthy in Croatia

Croatia doesn't differ from any other central-European country regarding the possible health issues...


Zagreb By Air

Zagreb Airport

Pleso airport, located 10km from Zagreb's city centre is the main International airport in Croatia. It is both a public and military airport...
Dubrovnik General Travel Info

Stay safe in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a very safe city to visit, very tolerant and open minded to visitor. As in every other European destination, you are encouraged to...
Dubrovnik By Bus

Dubrovnik City Bus Map

Even though you can get from one part of the city to the other within an one hour walk, Dubrovnik has a really good public transport service. There is...

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Dubrovnik Attractions
Old Town Dubrovnik Walls

Dubrovnik City Walls

The walls were built from the 13th to the 18th century, constantly added to and strengthened, without...
Split Attractions
Diocletian's palace, Split

Diocletian's palace in Split

When sightseeing Split, the Diocletian's palace and it's most valuable sights will be the first...
Mljet Parks & Beaches
Mljet National Park

The Mljet National Park

Exposed to sea and surf, medieval Mljet was far from world cultural affairs...
Zagreb Attractions
Zagreb Funicular

Zagreb Funicular

The funicular to the Upper Town is the oldest mean of public transport in...


Zagreb Museums
Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships

Despite the destructive name, Museum of Broken Relationships actually helps its visitors...
Dubrovnik Parks & Beaches
Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island

Nature lovers, the majority of visitors, would like a refreshing dip in summer to cool off...
Zagreb Sacred Sites
Mirogoj, Zagreb

Museum of Contemporary Art

Peaceful and inspiring, Mirogoj is one of the most beautiful European cemeteries...

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