Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

Transfers from Dubrovnik airport to various destinations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the most convenient way of transport if you are travelling in a group.

Zadar Airport

Zadar Airport

The Zadar airport is located some 8km from Zadar, in Zemunik donji. Since 2013, the airport is Ryanair's base and serves 16 European destinations.

Split to Ancona ferry

Split to Ancona ferry
These overnight ferries from Split to Ancona (Italy) are a great option when it comes to saving money for accommodation!

Stay healthy in Croatia

Stay healthy in Croatia

Croatia doesn't differ from any other central-European country regarding the possible health issues to country visitors. When talking about health risks, it is important to notice that the risk will vary between individuals, lenght of stay, activities etc. We strongly recommend that you visit your doctor 6-8 weeks prior to travel and consult on important travel health issues including safe food and water, accidents, sun exposure and insect bites. Bear on mind that many health issues that travellers may experience (food poisoning, accidents, heat strokes, etc) can be prevented by using common sense.

  • Dubrovnik



    Dubrovnik region

    Dubrovnik Region

  • Split


    • Tourist destination for all generations

    Hvar Island

    • Island with most sunny days in Croatia - the IN destination
    Split region

    Split Region

    • Central Dalmatia is wonderfully rich in both cultural sights and the great outdoors. Explore medieval towns, islands, innumerable beaches, bays and fishing villages.
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  • Sibenik

    • The city of festivals and authentic Dalmatian lifestyle


    • The entrance to NP Krka and a nautical haven


    • Popular tourist destination and known party spot
    Sibenik region

    Sibenik Region

    • This part of northern Dalmatia is a region of extreme contrasts. From the Krka waterfalls to Šibenik's Renaissance cathedral, one of the highlights not just of Dalmatia but the whole of Croatia.
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  • Zadar

    • A city of exceptional history, heritage and architecture

    Island Pag

    • A moon-like island that fascinates with its gastronomy and heritage

    National Park KOrnati

    • Beautiful island archipelago national park and nautical paradise
    Zadar region

    Zadar Region

    • Zadar, the region's economic and transport capital offers a wealth of things to do and see. Other highlights include National Park Paklenica and the breathtaking Kornati arhipelago.
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  • Rijeka

    • A liberal city that welcomes everyone
      especially open minded people


    • The resort for 19th century ladies and gentleman

    Island Krk

    • Croatia's largest island, family orientated
    Kvarner region

    Kvarner Region

    • From Kvarner Bay, with Rijeka at it's head and Croatia's largest islands in the middle, to the protected and unspoiled Gorski Kotar and Risnjak and Velebit National Parks.
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  • Pula

    • City founded by ancient Argonauts and inhabited by Roman emperors


    • Ruby named city, the most romantic city of the Mediterranean


    • City known for its mosaics and exceptional tidiness

    Istria Region

    • Istria managed to keep tourist development away from beautiful Venetian old towns and medieval villages. Cultural highlights are complemented by clear waters and a gentle climate.
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  • Karlovac

    • The city of star-shaped fortress
      and four rivers


    • Home of beautiful cascades Rastoke and Korana river

    Plitvice National Park

    • Croatia's oldest, and most beautiful national park
    Lika and Karlovac

    Lika and Karlovac Region

  • Zagreb

    • The capital of Croatia and a city of interesting legends


    • The most baroque city in Croatia once a capital of Croatia


    • The Krapina Neanderthal location a place worth visiting
    Zagreb and Central Croatia

    Zagreb and Central Dalmatia Region

  • Osijek

    • Slavonia's capital city of historic value


    • The most baroque city in Croatia once a capital of Croatia

    Slavonski Brod

    • Ancient roman camp Marsonia and fully preserved baroque fortress

    Lika and Karlovac Region

  • Dubrovnik region
  • Split region
  • Sibenik region
  • Zadar region
  • Kvarner region
  • Istria
  • Lika and Karlovac
  • Central Croatia
  • Slavonia