Public Holidays in Croatia in 2020

Last updated 6.2.2020

List of all 2020 public holidays in Croatia. The majority of public holidays are based on Catholic observances and Croatian cultural traditions.

Public Holidays in Croatia
1 Jan New Year Wednesday
6 Jan Epiphany Monday
13 Apr Easter Monday Monday
1 May Labour Day Friday
30 May Statehood Day Saturday
11 June Corpus Christi Thursday
22 Jun Anti-Fascist Resistance Day Monday
5 Aug Victory & Homeland Thanksgiving Day Wednesday
15 Aug Assumption of the Virgin Mary Saturday
8 Oct Independence Day Thursday
1 Nov All Saints' Day Sunday
18 Nov Remembrance Day Wednesday
25 Dec Christmas Day Friday
26 Dec St. Stephen's Day Saturday


Note that many services aren't available or are available at different working hours on these days. For example, post offices, banks, civil services (apart from hospitals) and so on.

Grocery stores (the big ones) usually work the whole day or just an hour or two shorter. Tourist services are usually available in high season despite Holidays.

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