Dubrovnik region

The Dubrovnik - Neretva county ("Dubrovačko-Neretvanska županija") is the southermost Croatian county with an area of 1782 km2. It consists of Dubrovnik and its surrounding (south to Montenegro and north to Pelješac), Pelješac penninsula, Korčula island, Lastovo island, Mljet island and the Elaphites, the Neretva Delta and Baćina lakes and a part of the hinterland near the south slopes of Biokovo.

It is divided into two parts - a stretch of approximately 9km belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina and is regulated by border crossing which are subject to customs control.



Main attribute of Dubrovnik region is the Old town Dubrovnik surrounded by magnificent City Walls, but you shouldn't stop exploring! Dubrovnik region has much more to offer, starting from natural beauties such as National Park Mljet or Lokrum Island, gastronomy and oenology pleasures of Pelješac peninsula, or the pinnacle that sun & sea can offer: Sunj beach on Lopud Island.

Of course, there are much more sights that you could visit, so we strongly suggest that you explore each destination by your desire. The list of destinations in Dubrovnik region is located further down the page.


Tourism offer in the whole region is weather dependant. You can't go wrong by visiting during summer - tourist season starts with April and lasts until mid October. You are encouraged to visit the region out of season. It will be less crowded, but most objects in destinations will be closed.


Best was to visit Dubrovnik region is by plane. Motorway runs through Dalmatia, but stops at Ploče, which makes visiting Dubrovnik region by car a bit exhausting, but rewarding in the end. We have gathered all travel in Travel information category, but here is a short-cut for Dubrovnik region:

Traveling to and from Dubrovnik

Explore Dubrovnik Riviera by destination

The Elaphiti Islands

The Deer islands are a popular destination among tourists, but also among locals.


Cavtat existed as the Adriatic Epidaurus and Civitas Vetus as the predecessor of Dubrovnik.

Mljet Island

Like a great emerald it glistens in the Mediterranean sun.
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