Eastwest Beach Club

A nightclub, a restaurant, the beach! Eastwest is a trendy place to spend a whole day, not just the night.

Located on the seafront, on the "it" beach in Dubrovnik, Eastwest Beach Club is the meeting place of all "it" people - from yuppies to hipsters! The main attribute of the Eastwest is the wold famous Banje beach located on the very entrance to the Old port Dubrovnik.

The nightclub is a sensational place to spend a night. Glamorous and extravagant parties and popular DJs will make your night fly away in a moment! Don't worry, you can always come back, because there is nothing better then spend a day on a beach after partying all night!

Insiders tip: The cocktail bar has a great selection of excelent cocktails!

Address & contact details

  • Street: Ulica Frana Supila 4
  • Postcode: 20000
  • City: Dubrovnik
Eastwest Beach Club terrace


  • Nightclub

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Monday, 19 June 2017
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