Rock caffe Exit

Just off the Stradun in a nearby street, Exit is a rockers meeting place. One of the locals' favorite place to go.

You might not notice it at first or hear it, Exit is located in a old house in the Old Town. A very good place to start an evening, it's friendly staff and a good choice of rock music will start you up just right.

Acoustic is quite well, selection of beers is fair and sometimes there will be a band performing.

Insider's tip: Try Velebitsko beer - it is considered to be one of the best croatian beers and it can't be purchased in most of other bars.

Address & contact details

  • Street: Boškovićeva ulica 2
  • Postcode: 20000
  • City: Dubrovnik
Rock caffe Exit


  • Rock café

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017
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