Copacabana beach

Beach, Last updated on Monday, 19 June 2017

Copacabana beach is the largest beach in Dubrovnik, and is very popular because of it's easy access, available parking and a water park. A restaurant and a beach bar are open during the day.

The vicinity of the Valamar hotels makes this beach to have a restaurant, a beach bar, jet ski rental, kayak trips and water polo area. Recently, there is a water park also, which makes this beach very attractive to couples with children. Copacabana is the only beach in Dubrovnik that has a wheelchair lift.

You might find sea a bit colder on Copacabana beach, due to the cold stream from Ombla river on the opposite side. Copacabana has a stunning view on a Dubrovnik bridge, yachts and sailboats sailing towards ACI marina in Komolac and cruisers sailing into Gruž port.

Getting to Copacabana is easy: take the bus to the hotel Valamar President and follow the path to the crowded pebble beach!

Copacabana beach in Dubrvnik (photo by Night Dubrovnik)

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Monday, 19 June 2017
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