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Immediately next to the nort-eastern walls, there is a Dominican monastery with a church, which was finished in the early 14th century, while the monastery was completed in the late 15th century. Interesting, the Dominican order was established in Dubrovnik in 1225.

As the monastery is at a strategic corner of the Old town, they became an important part of the city's defences. The church is one of the largest gothic buildings on the eastern Adriatic coast. On the south side of the church there is a splendid portal of the romanesque type with late gothic ornaments, made by Bonino of Milan in 1419. Adjoining the church is the 15th century chapel of St.Sebastian.

Graceful stone steps lead up to the complex. As befits the monastery's strategic position, from the outside it is fairly austere, but inside hides a gothic and renaissance cloister, with a thick carpet of grass in the centre. The Dominican cloister is one of the most beautiful pre-Renaissance cloisters in Dalmatia. The slender arcades in the gothic style were designed by the Florentine artist Maso di Bartolomeo and carved by local craftsmen. The interior of the monastery church is delightfully simple, with a sweeping wooden roof and some fine stone furniture.

The Dominican monastery also holds an important treasure: a library with over 200 incunables, manuscripts and documents as well as a collection of art including a painting of Dubrovnik before the great earthquake painted by Nikola Božidarević, which that has been invaluable in reconstructing the look of the Old Town. Important works by Titian, Paolo Veneziana and Vlaho Bukovac of neighbouring Cavtat can be found.

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Dominican monastery, Dubrovnik

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  • 09:00 - 18:00
  • Closes at 15:00 in winter

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