Shopping in Dubrovnik

The Old Town is the place to go shopping, however, most of the offers are geared towards the tourist trade. Small shops can be found around Stradun, but the streets north and south offer more variety.

Outside the walls, shops are scattered around town with no big mall to gather them in one place. Small shopping centres such as Pemo, Tommy, Mercante and Downtown can be found in the business area of Gruž (a 10 minute walk south of the main bus terminal), as well as in Lapad in the so called DOC centre. These centres also include bigger grocery shops, usually located on the ground floor with a variety of domestic and foreign assortments. Shops in Dubrovnik are generally open from 8am to 9 pm, sometimes limited during winter months. Most shops open seven days a week.

As everywhere in Croatia, don't miss a chance to buy fresh food from farmers on open-air markets or fresh fish directly from fishermen on fish markets.

Gruz fish market (photo by hooger85 /Flickr)

Gruz market

Fish market, Open-air market

The favorite place for locals to buy fresh meat, vegetables and more importantly - this morning's fish!

Clara Stones, Dubrovnik

Clara Stones


Clara Stones is a jewellery workshop that works with red coral - traditional Mediterranean ornament, a symbol of vitality and a protective charm.

Dubrovačka kuća

Dubrovačka kuća


Walking down the street of St. Dominic, you'll notice a pleasant and cozy shop, displaying colourful art on the street wall. Aside their visual appeal, it's inside what matters!

Mercante shopping centre Dubrovnik


Shopping center

Mercante is a smaller indoor shopping center on one level. It contains about 20 shops of which most are clothing and shoe stores.

Gundulic Square by Jennifer Boyer /Flickr

Gundulic Square

Open-air market

The only open-market inside Old Town will charm you with it's summer scents of lavender and honey.

Lapad open-air market (photo by Tess Watson/Flickr)

Lapad market

Open-air market

Located just behind the big shopping center "DOC", Lapad market serves to locals, but it's not as popular as Gruz market.

Downtown shopping centre, Dubrovnik


Shopping center

Opened in the end of 2012. Downtown is a mini shopping center located in Gruz business district with a fair selection.

DOC shopping centre, Dubrovnik


Shopping center

Long time a very popular shopping center for citizens of Dubrovnik, placed in Lapad.

Maria Store, Old Town Dubrovnik

Maria Store


Dubrovnik's high fashion Maria Store was an envy of all Croatian trendsetters until it also opened it's doors in Zagreb.

Dubravka Souvenir & Giftshop

Dubravka Souvenir & Giftshop


If you ask any of the locals for a good souvenir or gift shop, you'll probably end up here!

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