Sports & Wellness in Dubrovnik

If you are either active and seek adrenaline pumped challenges or just want to relax and be pampered, you will find you magical corner somewhere

Options for sport, recreation and wellness in Dubrovnik are truly diverse. From water activities (water skiing, sailing, surfing, diving..), over tennis, football and volleyball on land, to dozens quality spas and wellness facilities to satisfy your need for relaxation.

Rixos Royal Spa

Rixos Royal Spa


The highlight of the spa is the typical turkish bath in which you can relax or book a tretmant.

ACI marina next to Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik


Only 6 km away from Dubrovnik city walls , ACI marina is located in beautiful Komolac village on Rijeka Dubrovacka.

Water polo club

Water polo club Jug

Water polo

The pride and joy of all Dubrovnik! Water polo is a main sport in Dubrovnik and everlasting small talk theme among citizens.

Wild league

Wild league

Water polo

Wild league is official unofficial water polo league in Dubrovnik, played during the summer season.

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