Racic Mausoleum

Last updated on Monday, 17 November 2014

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On the belvedere and the hill of St. Rcco, near the Cavtat public cemetery stands a grandiose mausoleum and the vault of the Racic family. The octagonal building with its fine dome and beautiful bas reliefs is the masterpiece of the famous Croatian sculptor - Ivan Mestrovic. The prominent captain and ship owner Ivo Racic died in Zagreb in March 1918., soon after - in September, his children - daughter Marija and son Edi died of the Spanish flue. It was the last wish of his wife Marija (who died a year later) that the whole family is buried together. Ivan Mestrovic needed 2 years to construct the building and since then, family Racic lies here - washed by the sea and the sunshine.

it is said that a wish, wished upon while ringing the bell, will come true as the mighty shrill sound finds it way.

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