Dalmatian lifestyle revolves around a bougainvillea adorned terrace and their sea. Lingering lunches, abundant amounts of fish, deep olive groves, bountiful vineyards, midnight swims, and many an espresso are the bona fide norm. Any Dalmatian will proudly attest that their sole priority is to enjoy life. And they should. The men charm and the women break hearts. These are passionate people and logic does not need a place when one lives amongst such fantasy.


Tourism happened to Split. Split had its easygoing lifestyle, working properly as a normal city and then, one day a cruiser shipped in and everything changed. Still stunned by tourism, Split yet has to develop its full tourist potential. Number one attraction in Split is Diocletian's Palace which is preserved to some point, but still great monument to a great Roman emperor! If you are looking to do some shopping, you won't find a better city on Adriatic coast to spend your hard earned money!


Split is the largest city on Croatian Adriatic coast and it doesn't depend on tourism as most coastal cities. Therefore, there isn't right or wrong time to visit Split. Of course, during summer there will be lot more to do and weather will be pleasant. Conclusion: Best to visit during the summer, rest of the year is just fine.


Split has direct ferry line to Italy, large airport next to the city, rail station and a modern motorway. It's not far to reach it by any mean.

  • Video: Pharrell Williams - Happy ( Split, Croatia ). Directed by Bruno Bilonić, Sandro Baraba, Damira Kalajžić, Igor Novak

  • Top 5 things to do in Split

    • 1. Diocletian's Palace cellars
    • 2. Klapa singing in Vestibule
    • 3. Drinking coffee on riva
    • 4. Mestrovic gallery
    • 5. Shopping!

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