Parking in Split

Public garage in Sukoisan, Split

Public garage Sukoisan

If you want to avoid the tricky part of finding a parking spot for your car, especially in the summer - leave it at the public garage.

Split riva parking lot


The parking at the Riva (the waterfront) is the closest parking lot to the city center.

Vukovarska street, Split

Vukovarska street

Parking at the Vukovarska aproning lot is a good option because of the short stroll down to the city center.

Svacic Street , Split

Svacic street parking lot

The parking lot on the P. Svacic's street is conveniently located just above the Marmont's street, a 600m walk from the city center.

Parking zones in Split

Parking zones and street parking

m-parking number 821 + zone number

Read further for street parking in Split and the parking zones of each.

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