Dubrovnik Suburban Bus Map

Last updated 12 November 2019

Dubrovnik Suburban Bus Map

Despite the fact that the closer Dubrovnik region offers so many attractions and interesting places to visit, it is hard to schedule your day relying on suburban public transport, especially if heading north.

Unfortunately, financing suburban public transport is becoming a bigger problem each year due to higher expenses, different demands and mostly because of so many places worth visiting.

An exepction is the connection between Dubrovnik and Cavtat (including the small seaside townships along the way).

There is a bus from the Gruz main bus terminal every 30 minutes from 5:00 AM until midnight. It is line number 10 and the ticket costs (approximately) 25 kuna

Tickets for suburban buses can only be bought in the bus when you enter. They all leave from the Gruz main bus terminal - some do stop in town, but to be sure you'll catch it, go to the terminal.

Many choose to purchase the Dubrovnik Card, you get a bus card which is valid for use of public transport throughout the entire City of Dubrovnik, at the same time saving up to 50% and get free entrance to Dubrovnik City Walls, museums and galleries.

Dubrovnik Suburban Bus Timetable - EAST

Dubrovnik Suburban Bus Timetable - WEST

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If you have planned roaming around the area for the day, consider renting a car to explore Dubrovnik Riviera. There are numerous amazing destinations along Dubrovnik Riviera.

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