Port Dubrovnik

Last updated 12 December 2017

Gruz port ©Zlatko Barac

You can say that 243 days of visits by cruise ships is quite a lot and makes the port of Dubrovnik pretty busy, especially in July, August and September.

The main port with its 1200m long quay is located in Gruž district. All intercity and international ferries run from this port as well as most of the local ferries with exception of the Lokrum island ferry and Cavtat boats which run from the old town port. Ferries leave from the pier at the southern point (to the left of the port building) while the cruise ships usually berth to the north (right of the port building).

The distance from the port to the old town is approximately 3.5km - a 45 minute walk. Buses 1A and 1B run back and forth every 10-15 minutes until past midnight during summer.

Among the services for cruise ship passengers are the following:
car parking for 300 cars, shuttle bus service to the old town and back, information offices, newsstands, food and beverage areas, luggage deposit and a lost and found service.

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Cruise Destination

In the past several years Dubrovnik has become one of the major cruise ship destinations on the Mediterranean and due to a big interest from cruise companies, it also has to limit the number of cruise passengers.
In most cases the number of cruise passengers is limited to up to 8.000 per day, a number which is still discussed about as many of the ships arrive at the same time and leave at the same time, causing a floating congestion zone in the whole city.
Just imagine 10,000+ cruise ship guests, about 3,000 guests and 40,000 inhabitants on a bit over 21.35 km2. Point made.
We truly hope Dubrovnik will do its best to avoid being a one-stop (3-hour) destination and concentrate more on the guests overnighting and exploring its beauties. (those who actually know where they are)

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