Ploče train station

Last updated 12 December 2017

Ploče by ALiNzele

Although Ploče is the southernmost train station in Croatia, it is not connected to the with the Croatian railway network. Instead, it is connected to the Bosnian railway station and has trains running to Sarajevo.

There are absolutely no train connections from Ploče up to Northern Croatia. Split is the Southernmost station you can get to via the Croatian network.

The train station in Ploče is quite simple - it has a big hall, a sales point and a toilet.

Possible connections are Ploče - Metković and Ploče - Sarajevo.

Contact Info
  • Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 19, 20340 Ploče
  • General information: +385 (0)60 333 444

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