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To buy or not to buy travel insurance?

As an experienced traveller, you probably have a good idea how travel insurance can come in handy and protect your trip investment if anything happens. You might say, you are an EU citizen and Croatia is a part of EU, so your EHIC will cover your basic medical needs. Yes it will, but only your basic and emergency medical needs. But what about your luggage, documents, damaged property, serious medical issues that your EHIC doesn't cover or trip cancellation?
If you are non-EU citizen, travel insurance while visiting Croatia is strongly recommended, because it will cover a wide range of medical expenses if something should happen.

Searching for a good deal in travel insurance is not a problem nowadays - you don't have to walk from one insurance office to another and see what they offer - use our travel insurance calculator to get a quote and you are half way to your care-free vacation in Croatia. Travel insurance covers a lot, and you will see that when you get a quote, but if you put yourself at risk, that one's on you. We know that accidents happen, that's when your insurance kicks in! Also keep an eye on your belongings -unless you insure them, one by one: camera, laptop, tablet, you name it!

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