Croatia's museum night

Last updated Thursday, 15 February 2018

Croatia's museum night

It's the night when locals remember the magnitude of their city's history and culture and before hitting the bars and clubs, once again refresh their knowledge.

The "Noc muzeja" - eng. museum night is an event that seeks to achieve one of the main strategic goals of the Croatian Museum Association: conducting activities to comprehend the museums as heritage institutions and identify them as great stakeholders in the sustainable development of tourism.

When: Friday, 31.01.2014. from 18:00 until 01:00
Where: Museums around town

In 2013. 129 exhibitions were held, 57 professional guided tours conducted through the museum's exhibition, 40 screenings, 9 plays, 41 workshops, 67 music programs, 2 fashion shows and so on and so on...

You can view a complete list of the participating institutions by following this link.

So far applied: 180 institutions from 80 cities, with 727 events. We are expecting more than 320,000 visitors!

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