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Zadar boasts a history of three thousand years (in the Byzantine period, for instance, it was one of Dalmatia's administrative centres, a role which it retained in later times), which has left numerous traces and vestiges in the area: Liburnian tombs; the street layout the origins of which can be traced to the ancient Roman colony of Jader; remains of the Roman Forum with the magnificent church of St.Donatus (9th c.); the Romanesque campanile of Our Lady's; the basilica of St.Krsevan (St.Chrysogonous, 12th c.); the Cathedral od St.Stosija (St.Anastasia, 13th c.); the old masterpieces of local goldsmiths and silversmiths; etc. Zadar is the economic centre of the region, which includes many tourist resorts, and the hub of all services connecting the mainland with the islands in the area.

Zadar is the cultural centre of the region as well, and many cultural institutions are engaged in organizing a number of attractive events and performances. Among them, particular mention should be made of the Zadar Musical Evenings held in St.Donat's, the Blue Salon, Man and the Sea - the international exhibition of art photography, and one of the most attractive vestiges of Zadar's eventful past - the famous collection of gold and silversmith art in Benedictine Convent of St.Mary.




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Top 5 things to do in Zadar

  • 1. Sea Organ
  • 2. The Greeting to the Sun
  • 3. The Forum
  • 4. Five Wells Square
  • 5. Kalelarga street

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