Greetings to the Sun

Greetings to the Sun

Last updated on Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Another project by the award-wining architect Nikola Basic (Sea Organ) is Zadar's "Greetings to the Sun", a 300 multi-layered glass plates installation in level with the stone paved promenade covering a 22 meter diameter circle.

It absorbs sunlight during the day and at sunset, when the lighting elements activate, produces an impressive light show following the rhythm of the waves and sounds of the nearby Sea organ.
The photo-voltage modules installed into the circle transform the Sun's energy into electrical energy which is also used for the lighting of the entire waterfront.

St. Grisogonus Calendar

The names and numbers carved on the ring surrounding the installation on the waterfront - Momentum to the Sun - are part of the St.Grisogonus Calendar, developed in Zadar and found in 1964 in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It dates from 1292 or 1293, and is among the oldest of such documents in the world, and possibly the first to have astronomy data written in Arabic numbers. Besides the calendar with the feast days and names of saints, it also has the astronomy part which shows the sun ephemerides, the coordinates of the heavenly bodies, their angle distances from determined immovable flat surfaces, straight lines or points.

Zadar Greetings to the Sun

Address & contact details

  • Street: Istarska obala
  • Postcode: 23000
  • City: Zadar

Working Hours

  • Public site
  • Always accessible
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