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The street older than the city, once the Via Magna, Strada Grande, Ruga Magistra and since Venetian times the Calle Larga, the street which runs along the south edge of the Narodni trg ("People's Square"). It follows the trail of the main longitudinal Roman street (decumanus maximus) that linked the defensive city gates on the present Petar Zoranic square with the Forum and Capitol. But as Zadar before acquiring the status of a Roman colony was a mighty Liburnian centre it existed even before the city itself. Roman urbanization only confirmed her previous position with the following urban epochs not changing a thing.


To locals, Kalelarga is more than just a name of the city's main street. It is a cult place and one of the symbols of the city that stirs memories of beautiful moments and events as a place of socialization, entertainment and recreation, processions and folk ceremonies and first loves. It is said that many loves started and ended here.

The Kalelagra even has its own anthem - the song by Tomislav Ivcic bearing the same name. "Kalelagra, Kalelagra, Kalelagra my joy. Here I've spent the best days of my youth...."

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  • Street: Kalelarga
  • Postcode: 23000
  • City: Zadar

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