Photo: Marko Vrdoljak for Zagreb Tourist Board & Convention Bureau


Zagreb, with roots dating back to over 900 years, hints at an enticing, medieval mystery. It is a city which at once upholds itself on an unshakable foundation of heritage while also strategically positioning itself as ripe for growth. Home to the country’s most prominent intelligentsia, artisans, and statesmen, it’s most fitting that this city serves as Croatia’s capital.

This Mediterranean metropolis finds itself fused with an enviable level of sophistication and a contagious flair for fashion. Evidence is found throughout Zagreb’s bountiful cafes, set against the back drop of charming baroque buildings and filled with Croatia’s most stylish.

Additionally, the city is home to numerous museums, theatres, cathedrals, and landmarks providing ample opportunity for exploration, especially during winter. With an emerging dining scene to keep up with its established thriving night life, Zagreb’s allure has become irresistible. Zagreb was recently named best continental destination and one of tree best destinations in Croatia.


Snow turns Zagreb into a magical place and marvellous Advent in Zagreb event makes it a serious competitor to winter-time Prague and Vienna. Early summer is also a nice period to visit Zagreb as it is perfect to experience the vibrancy of city life. So, cosy winter story or urban vibe?


Zagreb is a central transportation hub to all Croatia. If you are not sure how to get to any destination in Croatia, go to Zagreb and continue from there. Getting to Zagreb is easy. Most major airline companies have a direct flight from bigger airports in Europe, train lines are frequent from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary, bus lines from all over Europe.

  • Photo & Video: Marko Vrdoljak in cooperation with Zagreb Tourist Board & Convention Bureau
  • Top 5 things to do in Zagreb

    • 1. St. Mark's Church
    • 2. The Cathedral
    • 3. Museum of Broken Hearts
    • 4. The Croatian National Theater
    • 5. Museum of Contemporary Art
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