Opatovina street is lined with picturesque houses, stalls with homemade products and old craft shops, including a lovely peaceful park. It connects Kaptol with the Dolac open market.

You can reach the peculiar Opatovina quarter by turning left at the Franciscan church. As early as the 15th century, Opatovina was a built-by-plan living quarter whose houses leaned on Kaptol's western wall. Many of those houses were heavily damaged in a fire in 1731. after which the wooden constructions have been replaced by brick.

For a long time Opatovina was a picturesque medieval street with baroque houses, a popular place to soak up some sun with a cup of coffee, but due to neglection lately it isn't really shining with its former glory.
Though, with some good restaurants opening in the area and bars widening their offers, as well as the growing popularity of Dolac market (the best in town and around) - life is coming back to the street. You'll find stalls with souvenirs, everyday stuff, clothing and hand made products along one side.

Address & contact details

Street: Opatovina

City: Zagreb

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