Natura Croatica

Natura Croatica, founded in 2005, is a shop that sells exclusively Croatian delicacies and gastronomic souvenirs. Their trademark, roughly translated would be "Enjoy Croatia"!

As the first store opened in Zagreb that sells only natural Croatian products, their assortment by now consists of more than a thousand gastronomic products and souvenirs that are produced according to traditional recipes, without added artificial colours, preservatives and similar additives that could disrupt the harmony of flavours of these superior delicacies.

Natura Croatica Zagreb

Supporting the small ones..

Natura Croatica has rounded up producers from east to the west, north to the south of Croatia and places their natural products on the market in forms of business gifts, conference gifts, wedding gifts and as welcome gifts in hotels...The items they choose to sell must pass a quality test and are further on arranged and packed in wooden crates, cardboard boxes, baskets or packages according to your preference.

Natura Croatica as a gift

All gifts purchased at Natura Croatica can be personalized (engravings on wooden boxes, print labels, tags or printing various texts on the product itself). Here you'll find the most original and creative products that will satisfy the most demanding taste bud. If you think we exaggerate, they have darks chocolates with the traditional Pag cheese. End of discussion :)

Address & contact details

Street: Preradoviceva 8

Postcode: 10000

City: Zagreb

Telephone: +385 (0)1 4855 - 076



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