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What is Absolute Croatia?

Absolute Croatia is a online travel guide which brings thousands of visitors and businesses together. What makes us better than others is that we have all the information needed for a visitor to decide their next place to see, stay, eat or drink at by providing photos, maps, information and other relevant features.

How does Absolute Croatia work? Why do people visit Absolute Croatia?

Absolute Croatia provides an easy to use interface for its visitors helping them from collectiong plain travel info to more sophisticated decisions, such as accommodation booking or simmilar.

Absolute Croatia also acts as a platform for businesses and works on increasing their on-line visibility and also allows them to collect feedback in form of comments.

Who uses Absolute Croatia?

Absolute Croatia is largely used by internet savvy people who gather information about the destination they are about to visit and get the most of their holidays. There is a fine balance of visitors researching about a destination in advance from their home and those last minute browsing their options at the place they are at.

How can your business benefit from Absolute Croatia?

You no longer have to rely on brochures, catalogues, magazines, flyers or word of mouth at travel desks to become know at the destination. We'll publish your info, photos and other related information on Absolute Croatia. Just continue on reading to get yourself listed on Absolute Croatia.

Absolute Croatia also offers advertising options for businesses looking to generate better visibility among our audience and provide them with accurate, quality and up to date content. Advertising on Absolute Croatia also gives you a technological marketing edge over your competition as all your content is fully responsive (equaly visible and available on smartphones, tablets or desktops/laptops, no matter the screen size). Your listings will also show up for those searches on the website relevant to your business.

How can we get in touch?

This is the easiest part. Email us at


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