Searching for accommodation has never been easier - you sit at your laptop, browse some pages related to accommodation and pick your choice. Photos are mainly of excellent quality, descriptions are detailed and you can see if it's available or occupied at your requested period.

Search deals on hotels, homes, and much more...start by typing in your preferred destination in Croatia or search the map.

Hotels in Croatia

You can't go wrong with booking a room in a hotel. Categorizations clearly state what you can expect from a hotel. Do not rush into booking a room in a selected hotel, read the reviews and other travellers' experience about it. Positive reviews usually tell you more useful info than negative ones.

While the perception of Croatian hotels being stuck in post-communist era is common, since 2000. majority of hotels have gone through modernization and keeps modernizing in accordance with categorisation. Chance to end up in an outdated hotel usually sticks up with some "budget" type hotels.

If you are a looking a "budget" type of a hotel, mainly because of the budget, take a look at hostels. Hostels feature private rooms at great prices.

Hostels in Croatia

Hostels have been popular during and post-communist era, and some are still stuck in it. Especially ones owned by state or cities.

For everyone else, times have changed. While the mindset of people running outdated hostels in Croatia consider hostels as cheap way to spend a night, new and modern ones open up every day. Modernly furbished, equipped with everything a young traveller needs, these hostels mark a beginning of new era in Croatian tourism. These modern hostels usually are named "design hostels".

Private accommodation (apartments and rooms) in Croatia

Rooms and apartments are booming on the accommodation market and their quality is getting better and better as destination becomes more popular among travellers. Apartments are considerably affordable than hotel rooms and private accommodation rooms prices sometimes get as low as staying in a hostel.

Staying in an apartment is a great way to spend a vacation with your family or friends and manage your own cooking and eating desires. Because the offer on apartments is humongous, on-line search will help you a lot.