Zagreb tram lines

Last updated 13 December 2017

Traveling by tram is Zagreb's basic way of transport. The city has 164 switches and 256 tram stations on 116.346 meters of tracks

Zagreb tram

Trams are probably the fastest and most economical way to travel around Zagreb. Trams run practically everywhere, from the downtown to the wider city centre area. ZET (tram company) regularly invests in new trams and keeps them clean and safe. At least 50% of trams are low-floor trams, with no stairs at the entrances. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed into the tram.

Daily tram route map

When travelling by tram, it is good to have a copy of the route map with you as not every stop has one displayed. Timetables are also not displayed at every stop so double check the times before you leave. If you are using one of the main lines, trams usually pass by every 10 minutes, so if you are really late, take one that will take you to one of the major tram lines intersections to catch a similar line (see map).
The tickets can be bought in the trams or at the Tisak kiosks.

Night tram lines are currently replaced by buses which run approximately every 45 minutes.

Tram lines

No. Route
1 Zapadni Kolodvor - Borongaj
2 Crnomerec - Zitnjak
3 Ljubljanica - Heinzelova
4 Savski most - Dubec
5 Precko - Maksimir
6 Crnomerec - Sopot
7 Savski most - Dubrava
8 Mihaljevac - Zaprude
9 Ljubljanica - Borongaj
11 Crnomerec - Dubec
12 Ljubljanica - Dubrava
13 Zitnjak - Kvaretnikov trg
14 Mihaljevac - Zaprude
15 Mihaljevac - Dolje
17 Precko - Borongaj


Day rides 10,00 kuna
Night rides 15,00 kuna


1 day  30,00 kuna
3 days  70,00 kuna
7 days 150,00 kuna
15 days 200,00 kuna
30 days 400,00 kuna
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