Travelling by tram is the basic way of transport in Zagreb. The city has 164 switches and 256 tram stations on 116.346 meters of tracks.

Trams are probably the fastest and most economical way to travel around Zagreb. Trams run practically everywhere, from the downtown to the wider city centre area. ZET (tram company) regularly invests in new trams and keeps them clean and safe. At least 50% of trams are low-floor trams, with no stairs at the entrances. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed into the tram.

Complete timetables for all daytime and night tram lines, including ticket prices and Zagreb Tram Map, can be found bellow.

Daily tram route map

When travelling by tram, it is good to have a copy of the route map with you as not every stop has one displayed. Timetables are also not displayed at every stop so double check the times before you leave. If you are using one of the main lines, trams usually pass by every 10 minutes, so if you are really late, take one that will take you to one of the major tram lines intersections to catch a similar line.

The tickets can be bought in the trams or at the Tisak kiosks. Night tram lines are currently replaced by buses which run approximately every 45 minutes.

Zagreb tram

Zagreb daytime tram lines

Network of daytime tram lines

No. Route Timetable and stops
1 Zapadni Kolodvor - Borongaj Timetable (PDF)
2 Crnomerec - Savišće Timetable (PDF)
3 Ljubljanica - Savišće Timetable (PDF)
4 Savski most - Dubec Timetable (PDF)
5 Precko - Dubrava Timetable (PDF)
6 Crnomerec - Sopot Timetable (PDF)
7 Savski most - Dubec Timetable (PDF)
9 Ljubljanica - Borongaj Timetable (PDF)
11 Crnomerec - Dubec Timetable (PDF)
12 Ljubljanica - Dubrava Timetable (PDF)
13 Zitnjak - Kvaretnikov trg Timetable (PDF)
14 Mihaljevac - Savski Most Timetable (PDF)
15 Mihaljevac - Gračansko Dolje Timetable (PDF)
17 Precko - Borongaj Timetable (PDF)

Zagreb night tram lines

Network of daytime tram lines

No. Route Timetable and stops
31 Črnomerec - Savski Most Timetable (PDF)
32 Prečko - Borongaj Timetable (PDF)
33 Gračansko Dolje - Savišće Timetable (PDF)
34 Ljubljanica - Dubec Timetable (PDF)

Tickets and fares

Prepaid Card

Primarily for passengers who use public transport on a daily basis.

Paper tickets purchased in ZET’s ticket offices, kiosks

Fare/Duration Price
Single fare, daytime (validity 30 minutes)​ 0,53 Eur
Single fare, daytime (validity 60 minutes) 0,93 Eur
Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes) 1,33 Eur
Single fare, night time 1,99 Eur
Dnevna karta 3,98 Eur

Paper tickets purchased from tram driver

Fare/Duration Price
Single fare, daytime (validity 30 minutes) 0,80 Eur
Single fare, daytime (validity 60 minutes) 1,33 Eur
Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes) 1,99 Eur
Single fare, night time 1,99 Eur
Daily ticket 3,98 Eur

Prepaid Card

Fare/Duration Price
Daily ticket, all-day fare 3,98 €
3 days 9,29 €
7 days 19,91 €
15 days 26,54 €
30 days 53,09 €

Lost & Found

Lost personal items in vehicles or at ZET’s ticket offices. Contact Lost Property Office in Ozaljska Street 105, every business day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

More information on lost or found property may be obtained every day by contacting the Call Centre at the number 072500400.

Zagreb Tram Lines Map

Zagreb Tram Lines Map. Source: ZET

Zagreb Tram Lines Stops

Zagreb Tram contact information

Zagrebački električni tramvaj d.o.o.

Information: +385 1 3651 555

Call Centre: 072 500 400 (local call rate charged)

Website: Zagrebački električni tramvaj