List of all public holidays in Croatia. The majority of public holidays are based on Catholic observances and Croatian cultural traditions.

Note that many services aren't available or are available at different working hours on these days. For example, post offices, banks, civil services (apart from hospitals) and so on. Grocery stores (the big ones) usually work the whole day or just an hour or two shorter. Tourist services are usually available in summer despite Holidays.

List of holidays in Croatia in 2024

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Mon New Year's Day
6 Jan Sat Epiphany
31 Mar Sun Easter Sunday
1 Apr Mon Easter Monday
1 May Wed Labour Day
30 May Thu Statehood Day
30 Max Thu Corpus Christi
22 Jun Sat Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
5 Aug Mon Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
15 Aug Thu Assumption Day
1 Nov Fri All Saints' Day
18 Nov Mon Remembrance Day
25 Dec Wed Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue St Stephen's Day

How many public holidays are there in Croatia?

There are 14 national holidays in Croatia, many rooted in Catholicism or significant moments in national history. On these days, government agencies and many businesses are closed.

Are shops closed on public holidays in Croatia?

Public holidays in Croatia usually result in the closure of government institutions, businesses, and schools, giving most people a day off.

However, in tourist destinations, many shops and services may remain open to cater to tourists. On these holidays traditional, cultural, and religious events may take place. Working hours on bank holidays may differ from regular days in towns where tourism isn't a primary source of income.

Timetables for public transportation may also be affected with fewer departures or fewer destinations being served. Bakeries, shops at public transportation stations, petrol stations, and most corner stores may still be open at limited hours from 7 AM to 1 PM. The new law related to public holidays is set to go into effect on July 1. 2023