There are easy and interesting ways to reach Greece from Croatia, but there are also difficult ones. We are going to concentrate on reaching Greece from the northern parts. Otherwise check how to travel from Dubrovnik to Greece.

By Car

Zagreb - Belgrade - Skopje - Greece

By taking the A3 (European E70) motorway from Zagreb you will easily reach Belgrade in 3 to 4 hours via Lipovac border crossing (cca 15,00€ motorway toll for the Croatian part). From Belgrade you will continue along the A1 (European E75) towards Niš and further south to Leskovac (cca 8,50€ highway toll). From Leskovac to the Macedonian border (Presevo crossing) take the local road 158.

The motorway then continues again towards Kumanovo (MK) and continues all the way to the Greek border (pay attention not to end up in Skopje if not planned). The Macedonian motorway is in an excellent condition and the whole should cost about 7,00€. The E75 ends up West from Thessaloniki. In total the trip takes about 11 to 12 hours from Zagreb.

Southern coastal route?

It should be a nice scenic 500+ km drive trough 3 countries, but it gets increasingly difficult further down south as the lack of decent infrastructure. The easy part of the route usually follows the Montenegrin coastline to Bar and Tirana in Albania. In Tirana it gets fuzzy because you get to choose from three equally challenging and different routes: northern via Ohrid lake, southern following Adriatic coast or middle one via Gjirokaster.

By Rail

Zagreb - Belgrade - Thessaloniki

The easiest way to get from Croatia to Greece is by train. There is daily connection from Zagreb to Belgrade at 11:05 (arrival 17:35) and from Belgrade to Thessaloniki at 18:50 (arrival 10:07 on the following day). More information about Main train station in Zagreb.

Dubrovnik - Bar - Belgrade - Thessaloniki

The ride from Bar to Belgrade is considered one of Europe's most scenic train rides! The tickets start at 24,00€ per person and the train leaves daily at 17:00 (arrival Belgrade 09:15).

In order to reach Bar, take the bus from the Dubrovnik bus station (Panoramabus / Jadran Express) - it is not on their website timetable - leaving daily at 11:00 (arrival 15:15). Although you need to take two overnight trains in order to reach Greece, it is a great opportunity to spend the day in Belgrade. The train station is in the centre of the city so you can easily explore the attractions on foot.

By Ferry

Istria (Rovinj/Porec) - Venezia - Igoumenitsa - Patras

There are frequent ferry connections from the Istrian Peninsula to Venice covered by VeneziaLines. The timetable is available on this link: Istria to Venice catamaran.There are several departure harbours so just look up the line that suits you the most.

Further on, Superfast ferries cover a ferry line from Venice to Greece the whole year round. The trip takes about 30 hours but with all the available facilities on-board time will fly by (They have video games!!).

Italy serves as a gateway to Greece with numerous ferry options available year-round. Departing from Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi, these ferry routes offer a convenient way to reach various destinations in Greece.

During the main tourist season (April to October) one of the most straightforward ferry crossings from Croatia to Greece is the Dubrovnik to Bari ferry route. From Bari, you can easily connect to other ferries heading to popular destinations such as Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Patras, Sami, or Zakynthos.

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Flights from Croatia to Greece - The Most Convenient Way to Travel

Flying from Croatia to Greece can be the most convenient option, especially if time is limited. However, it can also be the most expensive. Consider the cost and travel time before booking a flight.

Flights from Dubrovnik

Croatia Airlines offers a direct flight from Dubrovnik to Athens via the Zagreb route twice a week in spring and an additional flight on Tuesdays during summer. Aegean Airlines will also offer weekly flights from Dubrovnik to Athens 3-4 times per week in spring and 6 times per week in summer from 2023.

Additionally, low-fare carrier Volotea offers two weekly flights (Wednesdays and Sundays) between Dubrovnik and Athens from May to October. Read more about Flights to/from Dubrovnik.

Flights from Split

Direct flights from Split to Athens are available through Croatia Airlines and Aegean Airlines. Aegean Airlines offers regular flights between Athens and Split twice a week during summer, while Croatia Airlines has a weekly flight on Saturdays from the end of May to mid-September. Read more about Flights to/from Split

Flights from Zagreb

Aegean Airlines offers a seasonal route between Zagreb and Athens twice weekly during summer, which will extend into mid-January starting in 2023. Croatia Airlines operates twice per week in the spring and adds an additional flight on Tuesdays during summer. The flight has a layover in Dubrovnik, which increases travel time. Read more about Flights to/from Zagreb

Other Flight Options

Check the websites of low-cost carriers like EasyJet and RyanAir for offers and seasonal ticket deals. Airlines covering the Greece-Croatia route include RyanAir, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Transavia, and Air Serbia. Thanks to Croatia's inclusion in the Schengen Zone, there is no passport control for flights from Croatia to Greece.

Traveling by Bus from Croatia to Greece - A Longer but More Affordable Option

Traveling from Croatia to Greece by bus can be an excellent way to save money while enjoying unique sightseeing opportunities. Important to note is that there are no direct bus connections between the two countries. To get from one to the other, you'll need to do some research and plan your route accordingly, whether it's through North Macedonia or Serbia.

One option is to travel from Dubrovnik to Greece by bus, passing through Montenegro and Albania before finally arriving at Thessaloniki or Athens. While this route may take a few extra hours on the road, it can provide a scenic and unforgettable journey.

If you're departing from Zagreb, the route to Belgrade is another great option that offers stunning landscapes and a comfortable ride. The duration of the bus trip from Croatia to Greece can take up to 30 hours, depending on the season and your final destination.

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