Is it worth purchasing a ferry ticket online?

One of the frequently asked questions in tourist offices is how to get from Dubrovnik to Greece. The answer is either that there is no way or it's too complicated to fit in the same sentence. It doesn't have to be that way, because the answer is simple: by ferry.

By taking a ferry to Greece, you would have to switch ferries in Italy because there is no direct ferry line from Croatia to Montenegro, Albania or Greece. Fortunately, Absolute Croatia helps you with on-line ferry booking services where you can book all needed tickets and just switch ferries without having to look for a ferry office at the port. Easy as that!

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Purchasing Ferry Tickets in Croatia

International ferry and catamaran departures can be booked online in advance. Some domestic car ferry lines also offer online ticket booking. However, due to crowded ports and traffic during the summer season, it is usually not possible to buy a ticket for a specific domestic car ferry departure online.

The "first in" - "first out" principle is often used in such cases. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at the ferry terminal or ticket agent in each ferry port.

Do you need to book ferry tickets in Croatia in advance?

Booking in advance is recommended for popular ferry routes, as limited space is available during peak season. Some companies require a booked seat for overnight routes. Lowest fares are usually offered for advance bookings, so book early.

While passengers can board without a reservation, those bringing cars should reserve ahead, particularly in summer. Note that even with a ticket bought in advance, waiting in line is necessary for most car ferries.

Complete list of ferry lines from/to Croatia

For more convenient use of the ferry booking system, here is the complete list of all ferry starting points and possible destinations covered by it. It may help you to visualise and plan your journey before booking your ferry tickets on-line.

Some lines are not direct, but have several stops before reaching the end destination (e.g. Rijeka - Dubrovnik is actually Rijeka - Split - Stari Grad - Korcula - Sobra - Dubrovnik) - because of that, we have prepared a map to visualise ferry lines. Same colour represents same line.

Please bear in mind that some ferry lines are seasonal and do not operate whole year.

Some lines may be cancelled, modified or new one added by their operators at any time. We will keep an eye out and inform you if this happens, so you could plan your journey right.

Ferry timetables on local and international Croatia ferry lines

Dubrovnik ferry information

Split ferry information

Zadar ferry information

Ferry lines in Croatia, Italy and Greece

Ferries From Croatia

  • Dubrovnik - Bari, Korcula, Rijeka, Sobra (Mljet Is.), Split, Stari Grad (Hvar Is.)
  • Hvar (Hvar Is.) - Ancona
  • Korcula - Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Sobra (Mljet Is.), Split, Stari Grad (Hvar Is.)
  • Mali Losinj (Lussino) - Venice
  • Pula (Pola) - Venice
  • Porec - Venice
  • Rabac - Venice
  • Rijeka - Dubrovnik, Korcula, Sobra, Split, Stari Grad (Hvar Is.)
  • Rovinj (Rovigno) - Venice
  • Sobra (Mljet Is.) - Dubrovnik, Korcula, Rijeka, Split, Stari Grad (Hvar Is.)
  • Split - Ancona, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Rijeka, Sobra (Mljet Is.)
  • Stari Grad - Ancona, Dubrovnik, Korcula (Korcula Is.), Rijeka, Sobra (Mljet Is.)
  • Umag (Umago) - Venice
  • Zadar - Ancona

Ferries From Italy

  • Ancona - Hvar (Hvar Is.), Split, Ancona, Stari Grad (Hvar Is.), Zadar
  • Bari - Bar, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Durres, Igoumenitsa, Patras
  • Venice - Mali Losinj (Lussino), Pula (Pola), Porec, Rabac, Rovinj (Rovigno), Umag (Umago)

Ferries From Greece

  • Brindisi - Corfu, Durres, Igoumenitsa, Patras, Vlore
  • Corfu - Bari, Brindisi
  • Igoumenitsa - Bari, Brindisi
  • Patras - Bari, Brindisi

Ferries From Montenegro

  • Bar - Bari