Supernova Garden Mall

Located in the eastern part of Zagreb, Supernova Garden Mall was the first modern shopping centre in that part of the city. Today it is one of the most popular malls in Zagreb.

The concept of Supernova Garden Mall is to experience shopping as a relaxing walk through the park, browsing and enjoying your time.

There are over 70 brand stores in Supernova Garden Mall, a hypermarket on 4.000m2, cafes, restaurants and a snack bar.

Supernova Garden Mall

Supernova Garden Mall has about 1300 parking places and a parking lot on a roof from where you have an excellent view on east Zagreb and Medvjednica hill.

Address & contact details Street: Radnička cesta 48 Postcode: 10000 City: Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 6061-611 Fax: +385 1 6052-681


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