Westgate Shopping City

Looking for the biggest shopping centre in Croatia? Welcome to Westgate Shopping City with over 240 stores (3,3km of display windows!) on 100.000m2!

Westgate Shopping City is located 2,5km west of Zagreb, past Zaprešić city and it bears the title "City" with full rights. Its total surface is 226.000 m2, there are 7250 parking places, direct connection to A2 highway and even 4 direct and free bus lines!

It was built in 2009. and it immediately became a real fashion centre and a mecca for shoppingholics in the region. Its place inside Westgate have found Zara, H&M, P&C, Marks&Spencer, C&A, New Yorker, Lacoste, Humanic, Drogeriemarkt Müller, Intersport, Hervis, Technomarket, Mercator, bio&bio, Kare design and many other well known brands.

Westgate Shopping City

Along shopping, Westgate offers 22 caffes/restaurants, a huge children's playroom (4.000m2), free inline skating for kids and a bowling centre.

If you are arriving to Croatia from the direction of Slovenia and going to pass by Zagreb, take in consideration to spend couple of hours in Westgate Shopping City. It doesn't get bigger than this anywhere else in Croatia!

Address & contact details

Street: Zaprešićka 2, Jablanovec

Postcode: 10298

City: Donja Bistra

Telephone: +385 1 555 3333

E-Mail: informacije@westgate.hr

Website: https://westgate.hr/

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