Commonly discovered while taking a tour on the Dubrovnik City Walls, Buža offers you an experience of the lifetime - if you manage to find it !

(Buža = Hole in the Wall)

Popular among younger and adventurous tourists as a "hole-in-the-wall" bar or "cold-drinks" bar (as stated on the sign near entrance), Buža is the only bar that is located on the sea side of the City Walls.

Priceless view

It offers cold drinks and some snacks but unfortunately no coffee or other warm beverages as they have no running water at the premises (a toilet is also not available).

Buža isn't mentioned in all tourist brochures, therefore it's a little private corner of Dubrovnik where you can enjoy the beautiful view, cold drinks, have a snack and take a swim in the Adriatic sea.

Cliff diving

It is a must stop for young tourist because of its cliffs perfect for cliff diving. Braver and adventurous will be tempted to take a dive from the cliff locally known as "The lion", from which locals take dive, but you should remember that cliff diving is dangerous and you could hurt yourself quite bad if you are not experienced!

How to find Buža?

The really tricky part is to find the bar Buza. Quite easy way to find it is to start on the Gundulić square, go up the Jezuit stairs, take a left, when you find yourself under the City Walls, take a right following the Walls. When you see a "cold drinks" sign, follow the arrow and the entrance should be on your left within the next 20-30 meters. If you think that you are lost, just ask anyone for the "hole-in-the-wall" bar!

When you enter the small gate in the City Walls, leave all your problems outside, this is the place to breathe in and take a dive (into relaxation for the less adventureous)! Is it worth it? We think so.

Address & contact details

Street: Crijevićeva ulica 9
Postcode: 20000
City: Dubrovnik

Website: Buža Bar

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