Dubrovnik City Bus Map

Last updated 19.1.2022.

Even though you can get from one part of the city to the other within an one hour walk, Dubrovnik has a really good public transport service. There is a bus heading to each part of the town every 10-20 minutes. The Dubrovnik Main Bus station where all international and intercity busses arrive and depart is located in Gruž (New Harbour)

Dubrovnik City Bus

Dubrovnik City Bus Timetable, all local bus connections in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Suburban Bus, East

Dubrovnik Suburban Bus, West

Dubrovnik International Bus connections - buy tickets online

Bus line numbers

All the city buses are numbered from 1-9 (including 9). The number is visible on front and on the back of each bus, with exception on older buses which can be put in traffic when the need arises. If so, the number and starting/ending station are on a board under the windshield.

Please note that all bus routes head vice versa.
Bus number Start location End location Good for
1 Main bus station Pile Square (Old Town)
1A Mokosica Pile Square (Old Town)
1B Mokosica Pile Square (Old Town)
1C ACI Marina (Komolac) Pile Square (Old Town)
2 Gorica (Rixos Hotel) Pile Square (Old Town)
2A Glavica B.K. Pile Square (Old Town)
3 Nuncijata Pile Square (Old Town)
4 Hotel Palace Pile Square (Old Town)
5 Viktorija Babin Kuk (Valamar President)
6 Babin Kuk (Valamar President) Pile Square (Old Town)
7 Kantafig (Main bus station) Babin Kuk (Valamar President)
8 Viktorija Gruz
9 Hospital Pile Square (Old Town)

On every bus stop you can find a map and the timetable that is regularly updated. Also, on the front of the bus stop are usually sticker numbers that mark the buses that stop on it.

The most frequent lines, with a departure every (approximately) 15 minutes are 1A and 1B "Mokosica -Pile" which pass the main bus terminal, Gruz harbor, Downtown and Boninovo area.

Domestic and International bus connections from Dubrovnik

Transportation by coach / bus in Dubrovnik and Croatia

Bus ticket prices

1h bus pass

Tickets can be bought at newspaper stands, the main bus terminal, some bus stops and hotel front desks at the price of 12,00 kuna per ticket which is than valid for 1 hour from the first use. Should you be in a hurry, tickets can also be bought in the bus, but the price is 15,00 kuna and it is advisable to have change as the driver doesn't handle large bills. A ticket bought in the bus is valid for that particular ride.

We strongly recommend buying a bus ticket before boarding the bus. During summer, buses are usually overcrowded.

24h bus pass

There are also day passes available. They cost 30,00 kuna and are valid 24 hours from the first use. You can buy them at the main bus terminal, and sales points owned by Libertas, the public transport provider.

Many choose to purchase the Dubrovnik Card, you get a bus card which is valid for use of public transport throughout the entire City of Dubrovnik, at the same time saving up to 50% and get free entrance to Dubrovnik City Walls, museums and galleries.

Header photo: "Local bus from the Port" by Brennan Paezold on Flickr
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