Dubrovnik laundry service

Last updated 15 January 2018

Laundry / launderette self services in Dubrovnik

Travellers, especially backpackers or boaters who spend their holidays in Dubrovnik have several options for doing their laundry.

Dubrovnik laundry service

Self service

Sanja and Rosie's launderette located just outside Ploce gate offers 12 washing and drying machines for your use. Each machine can take up to 9kg of laundry and are fully automated.

Washing costs 50 kuna per load + extra for use of dryers and takes about 38 minutes to wash and 30-60 minutes to dry your clothes. detergent and WiFi internet is provided free of charge. After crossing the Ploce gate drawbridge, look to your left.The launderette is right next to Cafe Laura and Restaurant ‘Gusta Me’. It's open 7 days a week: fall/winter hours: 09:00 – 20:00 and spring/summer hours : 08:00 – 22:00.

A lot of washing

If you are on a motor/sailing yacht and need to wash a lot of laundry, the option in to call the guys from "Spinaker" . They provide full service - from picking it up, washing and drying to delivering. The prices vary on the amount and of course how fast you need to get it done. Contact phone: +385(0)98 243 458

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