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The shortest cable car in the world, the Zagreb funicular is an absolute delight. For over 120 years it has been transporting the citizens of Zagreb and its guests between the Upper and Lower Towns.
The lower station is located on Tomićeva Street, while the other station is located at the base of Lotršćak Tower.
It was opened in 1890 after just 2 years from getting the building permit. No everything went smooth though, it went through difficult times for a year - temporary halts where passengers had to push the wagons it to make them move at all.


The Zagreb Funicular is managed by the Zagreb Electric Tram ("ZET"). The price of a ticket is 4,00 Kuna (approx. 0,5€). In case of emergency it is possible to book an emergency ride that costs 20,00 Kuna (approx. 3,00€). Tickets can be bought by the driver at the upper station or at the operator's cabin on the lower station. The funicular ride is also included in all valid ZETs tram or bus tickets.
The funicular departs daily (including Sundays and Holidays) every 10 minutes.


In 2010. celebrated the 120th anniversary with more than a century without accidents.
With its max speed of 1,5m/s and the 64 seconds it needs to travel a rail 66m long the Funicular carries the title of the safest means of public transport, not only in the Croatia, but globally as well.

Address & contact details

  • Street: Tomićeva street / Lotršćak Tower
  • City: Zagreb


  • 4,00 Kuna

Working Hours

  • daily 06:30 - 22:00
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