It is time to forget every other cafe bar, every so called coffee/latte guru that is proud of his milk foam dolphin. Now we are talking about Eliscaffe - first coffee bar in Croatia and speciality coffee roasters focused on only one thing - coffee! A must visit spot for coffee lovers in Zagreb.

Eliscaffe bar was opened on 7th September 2005, while Eliscaffe roastery opened its door about 4 years later. Since then Eliscaffe imports, roasts and distributes coffee on their own. Since then they are mentioned around the world as a quality place to enjoy a cup of coffee and got several awards every year. Why is it so?

The best coffee in Zagreb

Nik Orosi, the owner, is a passionate barista, coffee nerd and a guy who will talk to you about coffee on a whole different level. His specific view what coffee represents in everyday life made Eliscaffe a very special place. A place where you can experience coffee as a drink, not a reason to sit, enjoy the view and spend some time outside of the flat. Coffee is science here - weight of the grain, length, width, seconds to roast, cook - everything matters.

Eliscaffe Zagreb

Coffee on demand

Another important difference from your usual cafe bars is that you can purchase their coffee (whole grain or grinded) on site.

Address & contact details

Street: Ilica 63
Postcode: 10000
City: Zagreb

Website: Eliscaffe

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