Archaeological museum

Founded in 1846, the Archaeological museum is a direct successor to the oldest museum institution in Zagreb - the National Museum.

The museum is housed in the beautiful Vranyczany-Hafner palace on the Nikola Subic Zrinski square,popularly referred to as Zrinjevac. The palace itself was built in 1878 and has one of the most finest facades in Zagreb.


The museum has a collection of over 400,000 artefacts in five main departments: the Prehistoric collection, an Egyptian collection ( the only one in this region), the Greek and Roman collection, a Numismatic collection (one of the largest in Europe and beyond) and the Medieval collection.

The Egyptian collection at the Archaeological museum is one of a kind in this part of Europe. An exceptional artifact of the Egyptian collection is the Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis - the linen book of Zagreb - with the world's longest extant Etruscan text dated to approximately 250BC. There are indications that text is most likely a ritual calendar, but as the Etruscan language is not fully understood, most of it remains untranslated.

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The prehistoric collection is the most impressive one - it contains over 78.000 items! It is one of the most complete collections of its kind in this part of Europe. During spring an interesting exhibition of ancient stone monuments located in the museum's courtyard is open for visits.

Museum for kids

Museum mascot, jolly animated character named Arhimir, will explain exhibited items to your kids in a fun and educational way. Arhimir can teach your kids how to read and write hieroglyphs, explain how stone hatchets were made in prehistoric age or introduce your kids to archaeologists and their job.

Our recommendation

Be sure to visit the Archaeological museum in Zagreb - it has excellent collection and it's fun an educational for all ages, especially for kids!

Address & contact details

Street: Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19

Postcode: 10000

City: Zagreb

Telephone: +385 (1) 48 73 000



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