Museums in Zagreb

Zagreb is rich in history. Museums in Zagreb range from classic to contemporary arts enabling visitors to learn about the past, traditions, and enjoy beautiful works of arts and crafts.

Technical Museum | Zagreb

The Technical Museum

Zagreb's Technical museum and its 60 year tradition proudly follows the footsteps of the great science and technology museums of the world. It is one of the cities' gems.

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The Typhlological Museum | Zagreb

The Typhlological Museum

Zagreb's Typhlological Museum is a public institution that collects and stores contemporary art exhibits designed to be felt and introduces the social community to the world of those with special needs, with an emphasis on people with visual impairment.

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Mimara | Zagreb


Mimara Museum is located in the architectural complex "donjogradskih gimnazija" (eng. Lower Town high schools) built in the late 19th century. It is a precious example of a neo-Renaissance palace and was opened to the public in 1895 on the occasion of the arrival of Emperor Franz Joseph I. in Zagreb.

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Museum of Broken Relationships | Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships

Despite the destructive name, Museum of Broken Relationships actually helps its visitors and exhibitors to grow emotionally, to create something out of fallen love, when the only feeling seems to be that everything may be - lost!

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