St Ignatius’ Church

St Ignatius’ Church is a part of a stunning complex on the southern edge of the town.

✝ Church

It was built between 1699. and 1725. by Ignazzio Pozzo. It was constructed in the recognizable Jesuit style thanks to many plans that were shared between the brotherhood.  The quare in fornt is now used as a venue at the Summer Festival.

Jesuits staircase

The construction of the famous staircase began in 1735. It was designed by Pietro Passalacqua. The fundamental characteristics are reminiscent to the famous Roman Scala di Spagna.  At the top of the stairs you can find the inscription COLLEGIVM RHAGVSINVM. The inscription was set up after the abolition of the Jesuit order, and originally was, COLLEGIUM SOCIETATIS IESU.

St Ignatius’ Church Dubrovnik

Address & contact details

  • Street: Poljana Ruđera Boškovića 6
  • City: Dubrovnik

Last updated 12.11.2020

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