Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus

Last updated 27.1.2023

The shuttle bus to Dubrovnik airport is available daily prior every flight - domestic and international. It leaves the Gruž bus terminal according to a schedule that changes on daily base. The timetable is available "today for tomorrow" so checking it a couple of days in advance is sometimes not possible.

Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus

It also leaves from the cable car station, but it is advisable to catch it from Dubrovnik Main Bus Station in Gruž. The price of the ticket is 65 kuna per person, payable by cash only and you buy it before departure in the bus or online.

The ride takes about 45 minutes, up to one hour if dense traffic.

Arrange a private transfer from or to Dubrovnik Airport

Should you need transfer services from or to Dubrovnik airport to your hotel or any other destination please check out our other article about it: Dubrovnik Airport Transfers or contact us at: dubrovnik.online@gmail.com

How to purchase a Shuttle Bus ticket

After exiting the baggage claim area and entering the arrival terminal you will see the Platanus travel agency counter desk on the right-hand side. There you can purchase the Airport shuttle bus ticket to Dubrovnik.

A one-way ticket is 9 Euro. Return ticket is 12 Euro. Children under six free of charge.

A taxi from Dubrovnik to the airport would cost you approximately 40 Euro.


Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus Timetable

Important notice: The airport shuttle bus will be stopping at the following bus stations: Main Bus Station in Gruž Port, Grawe bus stop and Cable Car station (above Old Town Dubrovnik).

Dubrovnik airport transfers

Friday, 27.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50
Saturday, 28.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:00
Sunday, 29.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50, 18:35
Monday, 30.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 09:25, 11:25, 14:50
Tuesday, 31.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:00
Wednesday, 1.2.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50
Thursday, 2.2.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50

Bus stops from Airport to Dubrovnik:

1. Old town (Ploče gate)

2. Main bus station in Gruž

Bus stops from Dubrovnik to Airport:

1. Main bus station in Gruž

2. Grawe station

3. Old town (Cable car stop)

4. Srebreno station (in front of One Suite hotel)

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