Dubrovnik airport

Last updated 27.1.2023

Dubrovnik Airport is located in Čilipi, approximately 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik and 6 kilometers from Cavtat. It takes about 30 minutes by shuttle bus from Dubrovnik airport to the city of Dubrovnik.

Shuttle bus from Dubrovnik airport to Dubrovnik timetable

Dubrovnik airport shuttle bus timetable

Friday, 27.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50
Saturday, 28.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:00
Sunday, 29.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50, 18:35
Monday, 30.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 09:25, 11:25, 14:50
Tuesday, 31.1.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:00
Wednesday, 1.2.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50
Thursday, 2.2.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
05:00, 11:25, 14:50
Dubrovnik airport

Flight schedule off all Arrivals to Dubrovnik airport today

Flight schedule off all flights departing from Dubrovnik Airport today

Flight schedules are © Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik airport transfers

Should you need reliable transfers services from the Dubrovnik airport to your hotel or any other destination please check out Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

The most convenient and most comfortable way to visit Dubrovnik is by plane as many International companies have flights either straight to Dubrovnik or to Zagreb from where the Croatian national carriers have connections to Dubrovnik or any other airport within the country.

Among the facilities on the airport are shops, duty free shops, cafe bars, snack bar, VIP and business lounge, currency exchange office , ATMs, newsagents and tobacconist, luggage wrapping services, car rental offices.

Parking on Dubrovnik airport

The airport has a parking lot with a capacity of 200 vehicles.

Please pay at the automatic pay station located next to the exit ramp. Payment accepted by cash and credit card.

Tariff (VAT included):

  • 15 min - free
  • 15 min - 1 hour - 10 kn
  • 1-2 hours - 20 kn
  • 2-4 hours - 25 kn
  • 4-12 hours - 30 kn
  • 12-24 hours - 50 kn
  • Every additional hour - 2 kn
  • Lost ticket - 400 kn

In the open parking lot in front of building B (Peron A) - 15,00 kn/per one hour, 30,00 kn/per two hour (retention up to two hours, 5min - free)

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Overnight on Dubrovnik airport

Overnight stays are not permitted at this airport. For uninterrupted sleep, there are hotels near the airport. The shuttle bus departs from Dubrovnik main bus terminal according to the daily flight schedule.

Accommodation is available in nearby Cavtat or Dubrovnik

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