Marin Držić is a peculiar persona in Croatian literature and culture, exceptional for his writings, as well as in attitude and actions. Therefore, explanation of his life is often inconsistent, but his works were always extremely appreciated. House of Marin Držić is located in the very center of the Dubrovnik Old Town.

Everyone who ever studied Marin Držić, came to conclusion that he had an exceptional talent for comedy, and was often called "the king of laughter". Marin was the opposite of other Dubrovnik writers (ie. Ivan Gundulić), who wrote in an exalted style. Marin was, let's say, the other side of the medal - always questioning, satirically and ironically laughing at human flaws, the bestial part of human nature and mostly human stupidity.

It is very interesting that during his last years, he wrote conspiracy letters with which he wanted to dethrone "twenty jesters" - twenty members of council ruling over the Dubrovnik Republic. Thoughts about that are still divided - some consider him a traitor, while others say it was an act of democracy.

House of Marin Držić is certainly one of the must-visit museums in Dubrovnik.

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House of Marin Držić in Dubrovnik
Photo credit: House of Marin Držić


Adults 20 EUR, 8 EUR for students and pupils. Includes entry to Rector's Palace, Maritime Museum, Ethnographic Museum Rupe, Revelin Fortress archaeological exhibit, House of Marin Držić, Dubrovnik Art Gallery, Natural History Museum and Dulčić, Masle, Pulitika Gallery.

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Working Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 09.00 – 20.30

Monday and public holidays closed


World-famous 16th-century playwright and poet

Beautiful interior Renaissance design

Address & contact details

Street: Široka ul. 7
Postcode: 20000
City: Dubrovnik

Website: House of Marin Držić

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