You will probably find yourself passing by Mimoza restaurant on your way to Old Town and you won't even suspect what you are missing.

Located on a way to Pile gate, just across the hotel Hilton Imperial, this little restaurant offers more than you think! In 2008. it was voted the best restaurant in the Dubrovnik region, in 2010. it was among top three restaurants in Croatia by ShowBiz magazine, in 2011. it was recommended by City of Dubrovnik itself and was rewarded with title of best touristic offer by Croatian minister of tourism!

Simple mediterranean dishes and some "comfort food" accompanied with a selected wine list made this restaurant reputation undisputed.

Don't be a stranger when walking by Mimoza's humble entrance!

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WiFi, Outdoor seating



Address & contact details

Ulica branitelja Dubrovnika 9

Postcode: 20000

City: Dubrovnik

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