Car Rental in Croatia

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Pick up Dubrovnik, drop off Zagreb?

Yes, it's possible! By expanding your search you can see what cars are available for drop off at different locations. That's a perk most small rent-a-car agencies will tell you is not possible to do!
You can even pick it up at Zagreb downtown and drop it off at Milan airport! Tailor your rent-a-car options as you find suitable!

Why should you rent a car?

Sure, Croatian public transport (bus, train, boat) is so developed you can visit any location without a need for a car. But you don't have the absolute freedom to explore all those hidden destinations when using public transport. You might want to visit wine roads of Peljesac and Istria, hidden castles and forts of Zagorje and Slavonia or excellent restaurants on the Danube or in Konavle (Dubrovnik Riviera), and that's when the rent-a-car kicks in! Renting a car gives you the opportunity to live your holiday the way you want and taste Croatia in a way which tours just don't offer.

Renting early - a smart choice?

Croatian coastal tourist season has its peak during July and August and in that time everyone who is looking for accommodation, a car to rent or extra tickets for a boat is going to have hard time finding it. Going from one rent-a-car agency to another looking for an available car that suits your needs might prove worthless and lets be honest, it consumes your holiday time that you should be spending exploring. Cars are already rented, if something is available it might be too big (too expensive) or too small to fit your needs. With higher demand the price also goes up, so it's double trouble to find a right car the moment you need it.

Renting a car early by using on-line rent-a-car booking system is a true time and money saver!

It allows you to see which cars are available at requested period, what's the price (and savings!) and what you also get for free!

Travel tips

To keep in touch what's going on the roads in major destinations, tips how to drive safely and how to avoid traffic jams, take a look at our travel information.

If anything happens with your car (car breaks down etc.), you should inform your rental agency as soon as possible. If anything happens that's in domain of local authorities (car theft, car burglary, traffic accident), you should call the police (phone number is 192, or you can call international emergency phone number 112) and inform your rental agency as well.

Most of cars in rental system have manual transmission, because automatic transmission just didn't "stick" in Croatia. On-line rent-a-car booking is probably the best way to get a car with automatic transmission.

Rental cars and ferries

"Can I take my rental car on a ferry?" - is a common question. Yes, it is possible, but not all companies allow it. Search for a quote and along with your name and pick-up/drop-off details (time, place...)send it to us so we can check your options.


Most or all cars come with collision damage waiver and theft protection.

What's included?

What's included differ from supplier to supplier, but it will normally include: unlimited kilometres (mileage), collision damage waiver, theft protection, premium location fees and local taxes. Note that you will need a valid credit card issued to the driver to rent a car.

Last updated on: 17.2.2023

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