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Finding a spot to park your car in Dubrovnik can sometimes be a nightmare. Use our guidelines to avoid circling around town for hours. If it happens that you don't pay for your parking, you will be left a daily parking ticket which you will be obligated to pay by bank transfer or at Sanitat office at the address Marka Marojice 5. Public parking spots subject to payment are classified into five parking zones.

There are many Dubrovnik Hotels and apartments with free parking !

Parking zones Dubrovnik map

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Parking is charged in zone 0 every day from 0:00 to 24:00; in zone 1 (business zone) every day from 06:00 to 22:00; in zone 2 every day from 06:00 to 2:00; in zone 3 every day from 06:00 to 22:00; in zone 4 every day from 00:00 to 24:00;
Write an SMS containing the registration number of the vehicle for which you want to pay for, no spaces and special characters ( example: DU091DM). Send it to the m-parking number of the zone you are in. You can also either buy a parking ticket at any nearby newspaper kiosk or parking meter. Just leave it behind the wind shield.

Parking zonem-parking number1 May to 31 October1 November to 30 April
Zone 0 708200 40 kn /hour or 800 kn /day 20 kn /hour or 400 kn /day
Zone 1 708200 10 kn /hour 5 kn /hour
Zone 2 708202 40 kn /hour or 600 kn /day 10 kn /hour or 120 kn /day
Zone 3 708203 10 kn /hour or 130 kn /day 5 kn /hour or 65 kn /day
  • Zone 0 (red) - 708200

    Off-street parking:

    - Iza Grada (parking lot Pile);

    Street parking:

    - Ulica Branitelja Dubrovnika (south side between house number 19 and 23)

  • Zone I (purple) - 708201 (business zone)

    Street parking:

    - Dr. Ante Starčevića, (north of house number 16 to no. 20 and south side from house number 7 to 11)

    - Vukovarska (parking lot across from house number 14, and the south side of the street from house number 17 to house number 19)

    - Vukovarska connecting road (west side from its junction with Ulica Dr. Ante Starčevića to house number 15 and the east side of the street where it connects to Ulica Dr. Ante Starčevića to the junction with Vukovarska ulica)

    - Obala Stjepana Radića (north side, parking lot at house no. 21, and part of the street at house no. 26, south side of the street from house no. 26 to 36, as well as part of the old bus station - south of the park)

    - Ulica Nikole Tesle (parking lot next to the Minčeta department store from the connecting road behind the Grawe building to the junction with Ulica Ante Starčevića)

  • Zone II (green) - 708202

    Street parking:

    - Ulica Branitelja Dubrovnika (north side from the intersection of Dom zdravlja - Health Clinic to house no. 2)

    - Zagrebačka (north side, from house no. 4 to Strma ulica, from house no. 28 to house no. 34, and from house no. 40 to house no. 50)

    - Marija Perića (parking lot on the northern side, connection to Zagrebačka ulica, and the parking lot on the south side from the junction with Zagrebačka ulica to house no. 2)

    - Petra Krešimira IV (north side from house no. 1 to house no. 3, from house no. 9 to house no. 11, from house no. 17 to house no. 55, i.e. junction with Ulica Dubrovačkog odreda, and part of the street from house no. 42 to the bus stop on Viktorija)

    - Frana Supila (north side parking lot along the Gimnazija high school building, and the part from house no. 9 to house no. 15, from Župska ulica to house no. 41, and from house no. 47 to house no. 55, south side of the street from house no. 11 t house no. 15 and from house no. 19 to house no. 21)

    - Vlaha Bukovca (parking lot by the church)

    - Iza Grada (north side of the street from the Ploče entrance to the bus stop before the Žičara parking lot, and from the Žičara parking lot to the connecting road Zagrebačka - Iza grada, and the south side of the street, part of the entrance to the Žičara parking lot to the entrance to the Tenis parking lot)

    - Don Frana Bulića (north and south side by house no. 4, and east side by the entrance to the Gradac park)

  • Zone 3 (yellow) - 708203

    Off-street parking

    - parking lot next to the Šetalište Kralja Zvonimira

    - parking lot along Ulica Iva Dulčića next to house no. 12

    - Stadion parking lot

    - parking lot along the playground in Ulica Josipa Kosora

    - parking lot under the playground at Montovjerna

    - parking lot under the overpass on Splitski put

    - parking lot in part of the connecting road Nikola Tesla - Ante Starčevića at the address Žuljanska 1

    - new parking lot in Ulica Stjepana Cvijića (Between Čilipska and Rožatska ulica)

    - parking lot along the "Solidarnosti" building between house no. 29 and house no. 33 on Ulica Iva Vojnovića and between house no. 2 and house no. 4 on Ulica Josipa Kosora

    - parking lot by the Montovjerna elementary school

    - parking lot along the Lapad football field in the area across house no. 3 and house no. 5 on Ulica Ivana Meštrovića)

    - parking lot between Ulica Kneza Domagoja and Ulica Eugena Kumičića

    Street parking:

    - Ulica Nikole Tesle north side from house no. 3 to no. 14 and south side from house number 10 to 14)

    - Obala Pape Ivana Pavla Drugog (south side from house number 9 to house no. 15)

    - Andrije Hebranga (north side along house no. 118, and 50 m north of the intersection with Ulica Ivana Gorana Kovačića to house no. 130, south side 30 m west of the instersection with Pridvorska ulica to house no. 9, parking lot across the intersection with Sinjska ulica, parking lot next to house nos. 53 and 53a, and the parking lot above the Gruž elementary school)

    - Kralja Tomislava (north and south side from house no. 2 to house no. 89)

    - Iva Vojnovića (north side from Kotorska ulica to house no. 26 and from the intersection with Ulica Marka Marojice to house no. 74, south side from Kotorska to house no. 11a, from house no. 23 to house no. 83)

    - Pera Čingrije (south side from the intersection with Lieicheinsteinov put from house no. 3)

    - Vladimira Nazora (south side by house no. 1)

    - Između tri crkve

    - Along Batala (south part from house no. 1 to house no. 25 and from house no. 28 to house no. 34)

  • Zone 4 (blue)

    Off-street parking:

    - Gradac

Parking authority:
Client working hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 13:00
Contact number: +385 (0)20 640 134 / (0)20 640 136 / (0)20 640 137

Public garage Dubrovnik

Public garage Dubrovnik

Probably the best place to park you vehicle if you are going to visit the Old City Dubrovnik and avoid the dense traffic around the city.

Last updated: 17.2.2023

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