British Square

In the last decade, British Square became favourite Sundays meeting place for trendsetters and nostalgic gentlemen in search on antiques and antique-like items, either for decorating their trendy flats or just for a trip down the memory lane.

Green and dairy market

In the morning, British Square is bustling with chefs looking for fresh ingredients at the local farmers' stands. From fresh white cream and cheese with green vegetables and colorful fruits, everything will end up on a plate in nearby restaurants. Green market opens up early in the morning (around 6:00) and closes around 15:00. It is known as a "Little marketplace", as compared to better known and bigger Dolac.

Antiques and collectibles fair

On Sundays, British Square will transform into a flea market/antique and collectibles fair - depends on a day and a supply of goods. Either way, it is a great way to get introduced to a way of life of past and present Zagreb. You may find a unique souvenir, rather than picking up a cheesy made-in-china fridge magnet.

The coffee place

On every day, especially in the morning, British Square is a cozy place (and one of the best in Zagreb!) to enjoy a cup a coffee. Our top choice for a coffee-sipping time is Eliscaffe (or Eli's cafe, we're not really sure on what is a right way to write it). They live and breathe coffee.
Kava Tava (No.1) with their "Cinkice" (special issue of American pancakes) & "Toastic" (special edition toast club sandwich) is an excellent snack & coffee place.
Tom Tom Club is a cult club worth visiting because there's always something going on: stand-up, exhibitions, poetry, sessions, jazz, 60s, 70s...

Old school

The square dates back to the 19th century, when it was constructed in the valley of the former Kraljevac stream. On both sides you will notice buildings resembling the style of Viennese suburbs, some made by Zagreb's finest masters, some by so-called masters. British Square reflects the Zagreb as it is. Without steel and glass. This is the true heart of the city.

Often, on Thursdays, organized by Tom Tom Club and Ferdinand Budicki museum, in the evening hours "Old school nights on British Square" are held. It's all about old timers: cars, vans, motorcycles, bikes and even an old funicular! There are projections of documentaries showing the development of traffic in Zagreb through history. "Old school nights" is an interesting spontaneous festival of old Zagreb.

Photo by ivana on Flickr

Address & contact details

Street: Britanski trg

Postcode: 10000

City: Zagreb

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