The Typhlological Museum

Zagreb's Typhlological Museum is a public institution that collects and stores contemporary art exhibits designed to be felt and introduces the social community to the world of those with special needs, with an emphasis on people with visual impairment.


The idea started at the end of the 19th century with Vinko Bek,a teacher who worked with visually-impaired children and collected items for his private collection which he named the "Croatian Blind Museum". His collection was many times displayed to the general public but he never really managed to establish a museum. In 1953. with his collection donated by his daughter, the museum as we know today was founded. Three years later it set up its fist exhibition.

The Darkroom

The museum has helped persons with disabilities to take a full part in all forms of life of the social community and accordingly in enjoying the experience of visiting a museum, but also offers sighted people a change to raise their awareness trough visiting the Dark room. As it name says, it is a completely dark room without even a trace of light. You can move around in total darkness, doing your best to perform simple tasks by using your other senses. The room is under surveillance, and you can take the recording of your visit of the Dark Room with you as a souvenir.


  • Collection of objects - objects from the field of education, rehabilitation, and everyday life
  • Art collection - art work made by self-educated blind sculptors
  • Ophthalmologic collection - ophthalmologic and optic devices and aids for diagnostics from the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Collection of photographs - allows an insight into photographs from everyday life of visually impaired people
  • Collection of Archival Material - material of different content regarding the history of care for the partially sighted and blind people

Special need visitors to the Museum

Visually impaired visitors can freely move through the Museum with the help of the Braille guide or with the guidance the museum's staff.

Hearing impaired visitors can book their visit in advance via telephone and join a group sign language tour on Wednesdays.

Mobility impaired visitors can easily access the museum’s exhibition area and storeroom. Please note that there is no permanent ramp into the building so please announce your visit in advance.

Address & contact details

Street: Draškovićeva 80

Postcode: 10000

City: Zagreb

Telephone: +385 (0)1 4811 102

Fax: +385 (0)1 4835 218



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