Importanne Centar

Importanne Centar was the first shopping centre in Zagreb and by time and visitors it became an urban symbol of the city.

Located on Starcevic Square, right between main rail station and Hotel Esplanada it offers a number of shops, caffes and snack bars to enjoy, no matter if are looking to spend some time between trains or taking a walk to explore this beautiful and vibrant part of the city.

Importanne Centar Zagreb

On two subterranean levels (31.000m2) there's a big chance that you'll find something for yourself because, everything is at hand. There is a possibility of getting lost at some moment, but no worries, there enough floor plans not to get stuck in Importanne forever!

Address & contact details Street: Trg Ante Starčevića 7 Postcode: 10000 City: Zagreb
Telephone: + 385 1 4577 076


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