The Stradun is the biggest, longest and widest street in Dubrovnik, of which its inhabitants are proud.

Stradun is the unofficial name for the main street Placa ( Greek and Latin - Platea- street) that merges Ploce gate in the east and Pile gate in the west in a length of 292m. The name "Stradun" is a pejorative augmentative used to name this really beautiful street by the jealous Venetians: "Que strada lunga!" Its real name is "Placa".

It was created at the end of the 11th century by filling the shallow channel which separated the settlements Laus (inhabited by Illyrians since the 4th century) an Dubrava (settled by Slavs). Upon creating stradun, and the two towns integrated and began to build the city walls. Already in 1468, the Republic paved the street according to a building plan from 1272. which was strictly carried out.

Main street Stradun in Dubrovnik bird view

The present shape was acquired after the great earthquake in 1667. when Dubrovnik was rebuilt due to destruction and numerous fires. The former lavishly decorated palaces were replaced by planned construction of two rows of stone houses built in a modest Baroque style: equal height, similar fronts and interior arrangement. A important part of the building plan were also the ground floors which had to have space for shops in a recognizable style called a "knee-door".

This shows that the Senate of the Republic cared about maintaining bussines life and keeping the main street lively.

This street, 292 meters long, is the commercial, entertainment and spiritual centre of Dubrovnik, frequently celebrated in song by its ancient and modern poets.

Address & contact details

  • Street: Placa
  • City: Dubrovnik

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